As a non-profit organization, SeBAYA as the Youth Centre of Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (PKBI) East Java chapter committed to educate youth to have healthy sexual and reproduction. Have been using social media as their primary tools to communicate the campaign regularly, they found out that they gained a minimum feedback in this channel. Thus, an education for the organization members about social media usage was urgently needed.

Our Crafting

We believe if brand owner understands their brand, it simply easy to communicate the brand well. Thus, we figured out to deliver a Do It Yourself Workshop for them to re-find and re-craft their brand DNA. After understanding their brand DNA, a set of integrated social media and offline communication strategy was crafted through group discussions during the workshop. As the result, the organization members got many insightful “AHA moments” about the truly meaning of brand and communication. It was beneficial for them to create the social media strategy during the workshop.


ClientSeBAYAServicesBrand WorkshopYearJanuary, 2016