Elsina Elisabeth Latuheru, or well-known as Elsye, and Muhammad Azis Tunny, or well-known as Agil, are two Ambon’s local heroes that more than 20 years dedicating their life independently for Ambon’s humanity. Feeling the heart anxieties in seeing the prolonged trauma, it knocked their hearts to bring back the true Ambon like before the riots happened and awaken more the Ambon citizens’ spirit to build a better new history. Answering the call, they committed to go further as mayor and vice mayor candidate of Ambon through independent pathway. Since they understand being leaders is not about a debt of gratitude to anyone or even political parties, but to the mother earth of Ambon.

Our Crafting

aruppa helped these candidates to realize the importance of personal brand strategy instead of the common imagery strategy used by competitors. Staying true and honest to their personal characters, we found that Mrs. Elsye needed to be perceived by Ambon citizens as an intelligent; dauntless; high integrity and servant-leader. Meanwhile, Mr. Agil needed to be perceived as independent; democratic; and high integrity hard-worker young leader. Aiming to educate Ambon citizens about their important role in creating the better history of Ambon, SATUHATI emerged as a movement to answer all heart’s anxieties by connecting all human and natural resources with the bureaucracy intelligence. An end-to-end personal brand strategy was created as the anchor of any communications. To communicate its brand, we created logo that represents their toughness and heart-servicing in one package. We also developed brand indentity that represents their brand DNA through bold, clean, and breakthrough visuals and provoking editorial voice.