As Miss Universe Indonesia, Anindya Kusuma Putri is well-known as a bold, courageous, tough, and inspiring lady. It shows the most significant difference and pros-cons of any other beauty pageant queens. Representing Indonesia in the 64th of Miss Universe Pageant 2015, she needed to gain support in her participation yet keep inspired people. Thus, a personal brand and social media strategy was needed to create an honest and positive perception.

Our Crafting

First, we discovered and explored Anindya Kusuma Putri as a person and followed by gaining perception and data from the citizen. Despite the people’s perception and high demand to have an elegant and feminine Miss Universe Indonesia, we stayed true and honest to her character and values as our cornerstone of creating strategy. Despite of changing her character into more feminine, we finally agreed that her brand DNA is Indonesian woman who inspires courage and beauty-sincerity. Following her brand DNA, we turned it into communication and social media strategy with sharp and deep content. Amazingly, >50,000 Instagram followers gained in 1 week during Miss Universe contest. After 1 year of reigning, Anindya gained perception as the most inspiring Miss Universe Indonesia for the past years.