Strong-faith believers

We are a group of people who are rooted in a deep faith as our principle of life. We believe with the imaginations or intangible things and strongly believe to make it amazingly happen.

Trustworthy and integrity arethe cornerstone of our business

We believe everything is negotiable except trustworthy, dignity, and integrity. We are not doing business as usual. We are creating values. We provide the service only for halal products that bring goodness of human being’s life.

Striving for excellence.

Strong-faith believers are the true warriors in mentality and actions. What makes us believe with imaginations is we strive perseveringly to make it happen. It is more than just doing it but deliver the best driven by dedication, determination, and commitment.

Your brand DNA is our anchor.

Creativity doesn’t come from idea, it comes from effective strategy to solve problem. To make it works, we always anchor your brand DNA as the foundation of any strategic plan and execution.

More listening, more understanding.

Listening and understanding are our first action in working and crafting strategy. We listen to you who understand the most of your brand to achieve a great collaboration between aruppa and your company.

Thinking visionary, plan strategically, act sustainably.

The future is our aim in working. With every details we vision the future and turn it into deep-rooted strategic plan, fresh approach, and exciting execution. Since long-term of good perception of your brand is our motives.

Be excitingly alive and enliven people’s life.

We believe brand affects human’s attitude. Thus, enliven your brand to enliven people’s life is what makes us feeling excitingly and completely alive.

Aqmarina Awalanti

— Chief Executive Officer

A visionary and passionate of brand; marketing communication; consultancy service; strategical, conceptual, creative thinking; and entrepreneurship. Bold leadership; management skill and committed to people development. Proven by 7 years of experience in building brands for personal, nonprofit organization, and corporate


Imam Subchan

— Senior Consultant

24 years of experience as entrepreneur and been advisor on small and medium industry. Passionate about developing people and product, learning and sharing. More than 7 years of experience as guest lecturer, speaker, trainer, mentor in universities and consultant in brand and communication fields for big scale of national and global companies.


Dhian Lestari Hastuti

— Research, City Branding & Interior Design Consultant

A conceptual woman who deep-rooted to Indonesian content and history. Envision to craft the beauty and goodness of Indonesia creatively and authentically. Expertise in interior design, fashion design, research, city branding, and creative city for more than 15 years.


Dermawan Hadi

— Art & Activation Director

Professional visual look creator who amazingly delivers bold, detail, and authentic character in design. An advanced promo material designer and on-ground brand activation. For more than 15 years having special expertise in 3D design, architecture, brand activation, and corporate identity.